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Fandom: Scorpion
Title: Untitled
Written: 291 words
Notes: Missing scene/Reaction fic to the episode Tech, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. Walter style.


His hand was burning, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of guilt that was constricting his insides. Even though the fire was over and everyone was back home and safe, Walter couldn’t forget the fact that if not for him, none of this would’ve happened. Well, probably none of this. After all, there was a plan, and someone was ready to do anything to fulfill it , whether with Walter’s ‘help’ or not.

Still, he should’ve known better than to go for a drink before the launch. And maybe Toby and heck, everyone else was right too, about him feeling guilty and risking his life, but Walter didn’t think like that. If someone knew all the possible outcomes, it wasn’t taking a risk to leap out the window, just like it wasn’t a risk to leap before a truck on a freeway. He knew what he was capable of,  what could happen, whether bad or good. So it was no heroism for him to jump.

 For Walter, heroism would be to take the leap, without the exact knowledge of what could happen. Taking the risk, trusting someone else. Maybe like Sly did, although he didn’t have much of a choice, really.  Luckily for him, he survived with a bruised leg. Walter thought that it was probably more lucky for him, because even if he could survive the guilt, (well, most probably not) if Sly had fallen down, he was pretty sure his sister would kill him with her bare hands. And he would probably accept it.

Not to mention how lucky he was that Happy managed to revive Toby. Walter wasn’t sure who was more scary when angry – his sister or Happy? Well, hopefully, he would never find out.

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