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Master fic list and a welcome speach!

Hi there. As I mentioned in my profile, this journal will serve as my online wip drawer... meaning I will post all my unfinished fics here, with the hope of getting some feedback and maybe get the muse rolling again. If not, well, at least it will be out there somewhere.

I welcome any and all comments, prompts, ideas. If you like one of these fics and want to maybe work on it, just let me know and we can put our heads together. I might use this journal also for plot bunnies that I didn't dare to even start working on, or as a way to prompt other writers.

Well, that's all from me. I'm putting this out as a kind of place holder. I will be adding a list of fics as I will post them.


Blue Bloods

Reaction fic for episode Rush of Judgement


haunted house
12y old Shawn and Gus are stuck in a haunted house - during a storm.


Walter contemplates about risks. Missing scene for Tech, Drug and Rock 'n' Roll