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Hi there. As I mentioned in my profile, this journal will serve as my online wip drawer... meaning I will post all my unfinished fics here, with the hope of getting some feedback and maybe get the muse rolling again. If not, well, at least it will be out there somewhere.

I welcome any and all comments, prompts, ideas. If you like one of these fics and want to maybe work on it, just let me know and we can put our heads together. I might use this journal also for plot bunnies that I didn't dare to even start working on, or as a way to prompt other writers.

Well, that's all from me. I'm putting this out as a kind of place holder. I will be adding a list of fics as I will post them.

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Fandom: Scorpion
Title: Untitled
Written: 291 words
Notes: Missing scene/Reaction fic to the episode Tech, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. Walter style.


Untitled )

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Fandom: Psych
Title: Haunted House (working title)
Written: 367 words
Notes: I don't even remember where I was going with this, guess I just wanted to play a little with a young Shawn and Gus and well, haunted houses are always a fun playground:-)

Haunted House )
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Fandom: Blue Bloods
Title: Untitled
Written: 210 words
Notes: Reaction fic for the episode Rush to Judgment.

Jamie never thought that being a Reagan was something wrong. He always took his name with pride, as well as his family’s legacy of being cops. But sometimes… well, sometimes being a Reagan sucked. Or rather, being in the center of media attention sucked. Because while he knew that a cop showing down a biker would hanker some attention, especially during a protest against police brutality, being the son of the commissioner was an icing on the cake. And it didn’t matter if he was trying to help, or not. The media jumped like a shark on some juicy piece of meat. For a moment Jamie was scared that his family took the bait too, but in the end they came through. Although the whole affair left Jamie with a sour taste in his mouth. The line between good and wrong was very thin, and it seemed that every cop in the states was walking on the edge. All it took was a small breath of wind, a little wavering, and you fell down the wrong side. Jamie knew he had to walk the line carefully, he just never realized before how his name was the one thing that could show him over the edge and down into the pit.


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