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Fandom: Psych
Title: Haunted House (working title)
Written: 367 words
Notes: I don't even remember where I was going with this, guess I just wanted to play a little with a young Shawn and Gus and well, haunted houses are always a fun playground:-)

It was creepy and a little dangerous, but it never even occurred to them that they should stop. The house was silent and looking empty. The sky promised a storm and Shawn could've sworn that he felt the electricity in the air tickling the hair on the back of his neck. He felt the butterflies raising in his stomach and threw a quick look at the boy that was lagging next to him, a little behind. Gus looked apprehensive and more than a little unsure if he should really follow his friend this time.

"Do you really think this is the best time to do this, Shawn? I-I think that maybe tomorrow..." Gus tried, but a scowl warned him not to continue. Shawn was convinced that he was right and his father was wrong, and when Shawn got something into his head, it was almost impossible to stop it. Not that Gus didn't believe him, but still... there was something in their plan that just made him nervous.

"Tomorrow will be too late, and you know it," stated the twelve year old boy as they approached the old building. Shawn stopped for a second to look at Gus, then put his leg on the first stair of the porch and cringed as he heard the wood creak. Both boys froze, Shawn with his leg half in the air, and Gus touching the balustrade. They grimaced, listening to any sign that the house wasn't as empty as it seemed, and both boys jumped in scare when the loud blow of thunder pierced the sky above them and the heavy raindrops started. One shared look between two pair of wide eyes and Shawn didn't need to persuade Gus to move, he flew past him and without a pause pushed the handle, the door opening without a protest and welcoming them into the dusty hall. Shawn blinked, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, while his hand fumbled with the flashlight he borrowed from his father's garage.

"Hey, looks like we will have to wait a little while," Shawn grinned at his friend and pointed outside where all hell broke loose. "This storm could take a while to die down."


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